Why Videos Can Help Digital Marketing

Nov 10, 2022

If you are building a website for your pharmacy you will need to have a clear strategy for your content. That will include not just your written words, but the keywords and other elements of search engine optimisation (SEO).

An aspect that some can easily overlook is the importance of high quality pictures in producing content that is both readable and boosts your SEO. When it comes to digital content marketing, they are essential.

There are two reasons for this. One is that your text becomes more readable if it is broken up by images and when it comes to pharmaceutical products you will also want people to see what they are. Research has shown readers are more likely to stay on a page with good images as well as other positive user experience elements like an attractive layout, reducing bounce rate. 

Images will need to be of high quality, both because to fail in this regard (as some sites do!) is to look amateurish. Moreover, you want good images because these may be more likely to be shared online, boosting SEO. 

The work of optimisation is not just about putting a relevant, high quality image in the middle of the text, however; it also requires some specific optimisation work.

For example, the naming and description of the images can be optimised with keywords in the same way as written content. 

Also, the format, dimensions and size of the image matter, in order that it is mobile friendly (a must for any site) and also in order that it downloads quickly. They should be JPEGs as these tend to be smaller, or PNG’s for transparency. GIFs should only be used if the image is small to start with.

If all this sounds a bit technical, do not worry. That’s what the experts are here for to help with. But a good general understanding of the importance of images for SEO can help you understand why it is so important that they are a strong feature of your site and its content.