Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant For Your Business

Aug 16, 2023

Email marketing may seem to be old hat in 2023, but in fact it’s a tried and tested strategy that has stood the test of time and still has a lot to offer. Here’s a look at how email marketing can enhance your pharmacy business, reaching out to both B2B partners and customers. 

A highly targeted reach

Email marketing allows you to create separate lists that can be tailored to different segments of your target audience. For example, certain messages may be most appropriate for B2B customers, or customers in a geographical region or population demographic.

A pharmacy website may have products that are relevant to a particular age group, such as older people or the parents of young children. Email marketing can help you make sure that your messages are reaching the right people. 

A personalised approach

Digital marketing is highly useful, but it can feel impersonal and this makes it difficult to establish a genuine emotional connection with a potential customer. Email can help to overcome this by enabling you to address each customer personally, and filter the content so that they only receive content that is relevant to them.

Over time, this allows you to build individual relationships with customers and will keep your business fresh in their minds. This can mean the difference between securing a new business deal or losing out to a more communicative rival company. 

If you capture some basic information about your website visitors, such as date of birth, gender, browsing and shopping patterns, it is possible to send them the most relevant information about discounts, promotions, new products, shopping cart reminders, and so on. This will add up to more website visitors and increased sales. 

Measured outcomes

Email marketing campaigns can easily be tracked by measuring click-through rates and conversion rates. This allows you to assess the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and make any necessary adjustments. Email has the highest click through rate of any other form of digital marketing, making it well worth the time and effort. 

A universal tool

Email is now an integral part of our daily lives, with 85% of the UK population using email on a daily basis. Compared to the lottery of social media, email is a very reliable and effective method of getting your messages in front of the right people.

You can also precisely control the timing of your emails for optimum impact, unlike social media ads which rely on very general estimates about peak user times. 

Time effective

Once you have captured the data of your target audience and developed segmented lists, email marketing can be used to take on automated tasks such as greeting new customers, sending shopping cart reminders, and staying in touch with older customers. This frees up your staff to do more important work.