Top Marketing Trends Of 2022

Feb 16, 2022

Pharmacies that want to stay on top of their promotion this year need to take note of the ever-changing world of marketing. Here are just a few of the upcoming trends to emerge in 2022 that could make a big difference to businesses.

Video marketing

Video marketing is not a new concept, but it will really take off over the next 12 months, allowing consumers and clients to feel more connected to the business.

Forbes states: “Videos are a great medium to showcase company culture and in-depth benefits of what you provide, and they’re an easy way to get people excited.”

Using empathetic and authentic content

Content marketing is still an essential promotional tool, so pharmacies should continue to utilise their blogs, websites, video platforms and social media pages to engage with the audience as much as possible.

Making sure the content has value in the form of empathy and authenticity is particularly important, with the publication noting: “This includes addressing sustainability, social responsibility, inclusivity and diversity.”


Companies should begin to use data about their customers, clients or investors to make their content more personalised. This year, the focus will also be on uncovering information about the market, competitors and external audiences to really target the market with content produced.

According to The Drum: “Personalised campaigns see a higher rate of engagement, conversions and glowing reviews from consumers.”

It recommended allowing web visitors to opt-in for data tracking, so they can benefit from the analysis too. An example of this is Spotify’s #SpotifyWrapped, which gives users information about their activity on the app throughout the year, including their favourite artists, podcasts, and songs. This was interesting for the customer, provided useful information for the company, and by encouraging users to share their results, has become a huge advertising success for the brand.

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