How Can Pharmacies Make Use Of TikTok?

Dec 28, 2022

TikTok is the social media success story of recent years. The video sharing platform is predicted to equal the revenue of YouTube within two years, and is already a close rival of the giants Twitter and Facebook. The average TikTok user spends 19.6 hours a month on the app according to The Guardian, which represents obvious opportunities for marketers. 

TikTok does have a youthful audience, with its core user group in the 18-25 age category. However, that is beginning to change, and with over 2 billion users worldwide, it is expanding its target market all the time. It is now widely used by many major healthcare brands, to provide information, advice, and to engage directly with customers.

For pharmacy websites, this provides some good potential marketing content avenues to explore. Here are some ways that a pharmacy digital marketing team can make use of TikTok. 

Create helpful and relevant content

Many people use TikTok to seek out healthcare advice and information. Pharmacies can make use of this in many ways, such as providing guidance on dealing with ailments and minor infections, and how to use its products correctly. In fact, there is endless potential to make useful tip and ‘how to’ based short videos.

Other suitable topics might be addressing common health care mistakes or misconceptions, symptoms of common minor health problems and how to treat them, and when you should consult a GP about more serious symptoms. 

Consider addressing mental health issues

TikTok is widely used by the under 35s, who are much more open about the idea of discussing mental health issues than previous generations. There are various theories about whether Generation Z are more prone to problems such as anxiety and eating disorders, or whether the greater awareness of the issues has led to greater numbers coming forward.

Whatever the reasons behind the change, it may be worth addressing mental wellbeing in your video content. There are plenty of guidelines around lifestyle choices, and popular practices such as mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavioural therapy, for example. 

Remember it doesn’t need to be polished and perfect

Part of TikTok’s appeal is its authenticity, and there is no need to make slickly produced videos with high production values. This may even have an adverse effect on your viewing figures, as viewers are used to a more home-made and casual approach. 

Content usually has a short shelf life, and it is more important to post regularly and be interesting than to be word-perfect every time. As long as you keep your brand’s core values at the heart of your messages, and keep your target audience in sight, your content should always attract an audience. 

Interact with other users

To gain traction, follow the simple rules that are relevant to other social media sites: follow other content creators in your field, create relevant hashtags and follow them in turn, and interact positively in the comments section. You can also cross-promote content across your other social media platforms. 

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